Ricky’s Wheels

This organization was founded in 2009, after our son, Ricky Worthy, passed away at the age of 30.  After his passing, we found that there was a need for electric wheelchairs. We gave Ricky's chair to a couple, and it was returned when they passed away.  This was when we found that there was a demand for donated chairs.  After speaking with people from hospice, we learned that once someone is accepted into hospice, medicare will not pay for a chair.  So, we figured we could help.

With the assistance of the Central Pennsylvania Community Foundation in Altoona, we were able to start a non-profit fund.  We operate with donations - money donated to the CPCF for Ricky's Wheels, or through direct donations of wheelchairs and scooters to us.

We help match people to chairs who have been referred to us through Hospice, Home Nursing, or their doctors, who have exhausted all means of getting a chair.

Welcome to Ricky’s Wheels

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide electric wheelchairs to people who have exhausted all means of obtaining one.

Thanks to everyone who made our event so great!